Our Training Days

Normal Classes 


Juniors and Adults 6pm - 7pm

Adults only 7pm - 8pm

Beginner's Classes


Juniors and Adults 6pm - 7pm

Adults only 7pm - 8pm

Tetsu Nushi Karate

            Karate is practised in a traditional manner. Through regular and repetitive training techniques are improved. Training includes solo practice of kata, one on one controlled combat, impact/pad work, limb control and self defence. It is essential to follow Dojo Etiquette and maintain discipline to reduce the risk of injury.


Dojo Etiquette:


  • Bow on entering and leaving the Dojo.


  • Try your best to be on time.


  • Sign in at the beginning of each session.


  • If you're late or re-enter the dojo,  kneel at the side of the class and wait until the Sensei allows you to join.


  • Address any teaching instructor as "Sensei".


  • Say "OSS" when bowing at the start or finish of each class and when receiving any advice/instruction from the instructor.


  • Keep your Gi clean.


  • Keep finger and toe nails short and clean.


  • Remove all jewellery prior to training or cover with a sticky plaster.


  • Show respect to each other.


  • Always bow to your partner at the beginning and end of any activity.


  • Be aware of your surroundings when in the dojo and take care, avoid being hit or bumping into others.


  • Inform your Sensei at the beginning of a lesson if you have an injury.


  • Try to inform the Sensei if you are likely to be late or unable to attend a lesson.


  • If you arrive late, you should make some attempt to warm yourself up and then kneel at the side of the dojo until invited to join by the instructor. 


  • Eating is strictly forbidden in the dojo at all times. Water for drinking during a training session is permitted.


  • No swearing or abusive language in or around the dojo.


  • Alcohol is strictly forbidden in the dojo.


  • For reasons of safety, nobody is permitted to join or leave the class without the permission of the instructor.


  • Juniors must have a parent/guardian to collect and sign them out before leaving.