Frequently Asked Questions...






After the first free lesson, how much does each lesson cost?


For information regarding prices, please contact Ian Nash via email or telephone. The contact details are provided on the 'General Information' tab.

Is it possible to watch my son / daughter while they do karate?


Yes it is encouraged. From seeing what they learn, you yourself may be tempted to take part.

What is the minimum age to learn karate?


We teach students who are aged 6+

Do you compete in competitions? 

Yes. We encourage all our students to take part in competitions whether it be in Kumite (fighting) or Kata (pre-arranged forms of attack).

Is there a certain dress code when doing Karate?


We do wear what is known as a Gi. It is not essential, however we do encourage students to wear one. This is because it provides both easy movement, and a way of showing respect for the culture we are learning. If you do purchase a Gi the colour must be white.